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Fingerprints On The Heart

Book Synopsis:


A boy wakes to find himself alone in an unfamiliar past, and a constantly shifting present. To find his way home, he must traverse his subconscious mind. Along the way, the boy meets a traveler, and together, they navigate repressed memories, personal fictions, and former traumas. On their journey, they realize they share a common thread that inextricably binds them to each other. Only by working together will they find peace and reach confluence.

Author Biography:

Shiloh Gastello is a writer, art instructor, intuitive writing teacher, and author of the novella “Fingerprints On The Heart”. Gastello’s writing explores the genres of Fiction and Modern Fantasy through the lens of novellas, short stories, and poetry. He earned his MFA In Craft Degree from the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and teaches the workshop series “Intuitive Writing, Journaling, And Guided Somatics With Tea”. Shiloh Gastello is an avid art lover, tea enthusiast, audiobook listener, reader, and enjoys having meaningful conversations over tea.

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